Oil & Gas

We help oil and gas companies create Change that Matters by guiding their journey to a more efficient and sustainable future. Combining novel growth strategies and operational excellence, fueled by digital technologies, we guide companies through lasting transformations.


We support clients at every stage of their capital projects:


During planning, we help clients to develop a project concept that delivers the greatest value at the lowest risk, using design tools to drive project value and applying a modular approach to reduce capital expenditure.

In contracting and procurement, we help clients define a contracting model, select contractors, and establish appropriate price structures, contract terms, and incentives.

During project execution, construction, drilling, commissioning, and ramp-up, we help and boost project management through schedule optimization, contractor management, and lean execution—including waste and performance loss elimination—at the yard, on-site, and offshore.

To enhance project governance, we help clients define an operating model covering all dimensions of capital expenditure—from technical processes to mind-sets and behaviors—and manage small projects as rigorously as large ones in order to capture savings of 20 to 30 percent.

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