Hiva Ab Sazeh Parsian Co.

Hiva Ab Sazeh Parsian Co. is an established company in Tehran, Iran that specializes in water and sewage systems and pipelines and channels, Geographic Information System (GIS) and Management Information Services (MIS) to top corporations and governmental bodies.


Established on
November 5, 2012

The Company was established on November 5, 2012 and has run successfully throughout Iran for over 10 years, creating a strong network and affiliations with key representatives, governmental bodies and key industry stakeholders throughout Iran and on a global scale.

Company has been retained in numerous important projects in Iran, including design and installation of Reverse Osmose Project in Foolad Mobarakeh, the 26-kilometer Copper Industries water pipeline, supply and installation of De-Aerator system in Zahedan, design and installation of reverse osmose project for Sepahan refinery, the 500-litre per second water refinery in Karaj, Alborz, wastewater collection and channeling project in Lenjan, and many other important and strategic projects across the country. Through GIS and MIS services, the Company has also been consulted by many recognized governmental bodies. This includes the Iran National Cartographic Center, Management and Planning Organization of Tehran Province, Tehran Metro and Subway Organization, Iranian Railway Organization, and Tehran Water and Wastewater Organization.


Our Expansion Plan

Upon conducting vigorous market research, the  Company has determined a niche and stable market for its services in Canada. It has verified that the Canadian market is abundant with opportunities and lacks competitive service providers. This means a prosperous opportunity for them to establish and grow their startup business.

the Company is seeking to establish a subsidiary company in the Canadian market in Ontario through “Hiva Sazeh Canada Inc.” (hereafter referred to as the Subsidiary). The Subsidiary will be led by Dr. Zahra Ehsani, PhD/Management (hereafter referred to as “Dr. Eshani”).

The Company has opted to mission Dr. Ehsani for her unique vision and talents to adjust rapidly with the environment and spearhead the operations. According to the Resolution of the Company to Establish the Subsidiary (Mission Letter), the Company’s board of directors has elected and missioned Dr. Ehsani to lead the Canadian operation. Also, a budget of $300,00 has been approved for this purpose and the Company shall continue to fund, support, and supervise the Canadian operation.